Simplify Provider Scheduling, Administration and Communication for your Department or Group
Searching for a simpler way to manage provider scheduling?
Leave behind paper schedules and dealing with one master schedule you have to remember to change and check. offers web-based physician and staff scheduling that allows everyone to view and change an always current schedule from any browser. This along with many tools to simplify administration and communication for your department or group.


Viewing / Changing

View the current schedule from any browser anytime, anywhere.

Make trades and changes to the schedule that are instantly available for others to see.

Managing / Creating

Create schedules manually by selecting a provider for each shift.

Create schedules using a repeating template.
Put together a template of assigned shifts over a specific period of time and repeat the template going forward.

Create schedules using a defined cycle.
Define a cycle through your schedule's shifts for a determined period of time. Each provider will begin the cycle on a different day in a way that assigns every shift in the schedule and creates and even distribution of shifts across providers.

Track provider requests in the system as reference when creating the schedule.


Hours Tracking

Save administrative time by tracking shift, OT, call-in, admin hours and other information for reporting.

Create categories that give visual cues to providers and can be automatically calculated in hours tracking.

View shift history to clarify any hours discrepancies or schedule change questions.


Track reimbursements using defined types and with documentation for reporting.

Export to Payroll

Export tracked hours and reimbursement information into payroll or other software. Contact us for any custom export needs beyond our currently available exports.



Receive email notification whenever a schedule change is made involving you.

Receive email reminders for your upcoming shifts that were not originally yours.

Update Personal Calendar

Set up the system to automatically update your personal calendar with changes to your schedule.

Company Documents

Have important company documents available for providers to view and download.

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